The biggest promotion benefits of AI can be divided into 3 categories

Precision: Precisely participate in the prospect.
Accelerate: Accelerate the conversion of customer insights into action.
Optimization: Optimize the return on advertising and marketing financial commitments.
Artificial intelligence has introduced many innovative technologies in the field of digital advertising and marketing. At the same time, many of the latest artificial intelligence-powered devices have finally been introduced into the marketing technology system.
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Like all manufacturers around the world, their goal should be to interact with their consumers through the right channels and with the right information at the right time, and to obtain information in a timely and relevant manner. They may have very few staff on the Internet, and it is too difficult to control all electronic Internet marketing needs, especially SEM and social channels.
As a result, brand names have turned to AI to complete many time-consuming manual tasks, and people cannot perform these tasks at the speed and scale required for successful and productive buyer interaction. Through article planning, Evisu entrepreneurs found that adopting a humble approach to ensure that personalization is correct and in the right place is a crucial success variable.
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 You need to troubleshoot and see how your customers respond to the written content you send to improve their understanding of what is effective and what is ineffective. Evisu conducted experiments to see which personalized programs produced the greatest return, and then doubled those people.
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In the past, synthetic intelligence was destroying the best way companies buy media and publicity. New AI-enabled promotional activities require customized advertising to be delivered to market segments centered on complex algorithms and big details. Although today’s common digital advertising also uses some form of segmentation and focus, it is mainly based on a minimal set of knowledge usually derived from
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