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Despite the quite a few pitfalls and issues Hong Kong universities are struggling with, however, it's not likely that transform will come right away given the function of its institutional autonomy and educational freedom in attracting world talent no less than while it really is in China pursuits to benefit these strengths and rewards.
At a time when China happens to be isolated from Western nations around the world these as the US, the uk, Canada, Australia and many EU nations, Hong Kong degree of internationalisation is undoubtedly an asset.
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Even so, though there's no obvious proof to recommend that China may perhaps request to export its better instruction design to Hong Kong, it's got presently asked some nearby governments to pick school academics to dispatch to Hong Kong to facilitate exchanges amongst Hong Kong and mainland China and also to reinforce patriotism and citizenship schooling as well as other aspects in step with Chinese benchmarks.
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Furthermore, China has repeatedly emphasised the significance of prioritising one country rather than two systems and China expects its universities to come back beneath the management and charge of the Communist Get together also to offer political and ideological content depending on Marxism, Maoism, the thoughts of Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping. A clash is predicted.
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Professor Futao Huang is based at the Investigate Institute for Better Schooling, Hiroshima College, Japan, and is also also co-investigator about the Centre for International Better Education worldwide better education engagement analysis programme.
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